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Pandora Olive Oil Pandora

The Olive oil "Pandora" got its name from the first woman of the Greek Mythology. As the Gods made Her from Earth so does the olive oil owes its secrets to the Land of Laconia. The Gods gave Her all the Qualities and Abilities along a dangerous Charm.

The Olive Oil has All the Good Properties of the Mediterranean Diet plus a Unique Taste. As Pandora had a Box with All the Evils and in the end She kept Hope hidden, thus in Each Bottle, as opposed to the person in the myth, the Olive Oil hides All the Good things of the World. Finally to Its Last Drop the only thing that you will Desire will be to have this Wonderful taste Again.

As Pandora was "The Beautiful Evil" whose decedents ruled the people of Greece, in the same way this Olive Oil will "Rule over your Senses" and will change the way you see Olive Oil Forever.

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