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About Us

The history of our family begins around 1910, when the fathers of our grandfathers started the systematic culture of olive trees. As years passed and the younger generation succeeded older one the culture and the harvest were enriched and improved continuously with new methods.

Now, our guide is the tradition, our compass the quality, our main concern the protection of nature and our aim is always to guarantee the Uniqueness Olive Oil of Laconia. Our properties unfold (in Altitude of 350 metres) round of the prosperous valley of Eurotas, Where haze of fable meets with present time.

At the end of November begins the gathering of crop in the traditional way. Women of the region, gather by hand the blessed fruit of Olive. Then at the end of day, the gathered fruit is transported to the Old Olive press. There the Olives are washed with cold spotless water that comes from the springs of Taygetos. Finally follows the extraction of the oil with the old cylindric Stones rolling until the last drop drops in the reservoir. Each day up to the end of the crop season this process is repeated with pious attachment and devotion. The Olive oil that is produced is placed in our reservoirs and it waits for the time of bottling. All these days we watch vigilantly the whole process. From the moment where the first drop will roll in the bottle until the lid is stamped carefully in order not to allow any alteration to the oil by air in the future. From our Cellar we expect it will come to your table.

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