Eurotas olive oil Welcome to the valley of Eurotas
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We welcome you to the Valley of Eurotas.

The river which was the “Source of Life” in Ancient Sparta. Here were given birth, grew and remaind in history great men as Lykoyrgos, Menelaos, Leonidas and other equally important men.

In the years of flourishment the citizens of Ancient Sparta had as adage: “Healthy mind followed by Healthy Body compose a Healthy man”.

With hard training and wise education the Ancient Spartans constituted the heart of the most known city of all times. Along with Athens they represent worthily the biggest part of our Ancient History.

A History that still inspire us and remains an example for the generations that are about to come.

One of the most great secrets except from training and education that you have possible already guess was a blessing gift that Gods made to our Ancestors. The Olive.

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